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The relationship between gold and interest rates

“This week’s downside breakout in the T-Bond futures market and the associated rise in the T-Bond yield has prompted us to re-visit the relationship between gold and interest rates. In the process of doing so we’ll address the question: are rising interest rates bullish or bearish for gold?”

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Buy the Dips – It’s a Long-Term Bull Market

“Last week’s selling has been reported by experts in the industry to have been an absolute manipulative move. Andrew Maguire, now known as the London whistleblower because of his email to the CFTC about a coming manipulative move last year, had this to say in interview: “. . . it couldn’t have been more blatant (intervention in the gold market) could it? Talk about not worrying about hiding your footprints. This was obviously sanctioned somewhere at a higher level because the amounts of contracts, paper contracts that hit the market, all at once, within seconds of each other, this was not normal trading.”

Maguire also said: “We were seeing massive order flows. We were seeing every single bid being hit. The offers were just massive. I mean we were seeing 10’s and 20 thousand contracts at a time being unloaded by single individuals.””


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Gold and Silver, Are you buying the weakness or selling it?

“Gold and silver appear to have bottomed yesterday on good ‘ole turn around Tuesday. Greece’s drama is just drama that leads to fear, but always moves forward. Greece has given traders one of the best opportunities for buying in the past 9 months. Each time Greece’s problems scare the weak hands it allows the stronger players to pick up great positions to sell into strength.”

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Gold tops $1,600, rises more than 2%, Silver hops nearly 6% on U.S. manufacturing data

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Gold futures were back at $1,600 an ounce on Tuesday, rebounding from a weak December with aplomb amid rallying oil futures and a weaker dollar.

Gold for February delivery /quotes/zigman/656382 GC2G +2.50%  rose $35.80, or 2.2%, to trade at $1,602.70 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. It traded as high as $1,608.70 an ounce earlier.


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Silver Over $50 Coming Sooner Than You Think

Since my last silver article on Seeking Alpha, I have been overwhelmed with emails requesting an update. In the article I suggested that we were nearing a bottom for silver before it begins a parabolic rally. I noted that if silver broke below the recent 29.90 support level in the futures, then the most likely bottom for silver would be the $26 region, with the potential to drop even as low as the 22.50 region. So, let’s see if that analysis is still applicable at this time.


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Recent Price Drop Creates Best Speculative Buying Opportunity On Gold In Years

“None of the fundamental factors have changed. The world still has too much debt and there is no way this debt can be repaid; moreover, the monetary authorities of the world continue to signal that their bias is inflationary (see the recent comments from the Bank of International Settlements as an example). In the United States, M2 money supply continues to rise.”

Lehman II in Progress as Financial System Implodes

With growing fears about the European banking system, today King World News interviewed James Turk out of Spain to get his take on the situation.  When asked about the ongoing crisis, Turk responded, “For a few months now I have been worrying that there would be another Lehman moment and have been expecting it before year-end.  I said the failure of Dexia was not the event, and initially I thought MF Global was not big enough to cause it either.  But, Eric, it is now becoming clear that the ramifications of MF Global are earth shaking, and consequently, I think we are already in another Lehman moment.”

Physical Silver Shortage Alert!

If Silver Goes Down All Hell Will Break Loose In The Physical Market….
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Brian Kuszmar

What you need to know about China and gold

What you need to know about China and gold

In 2008, China surprised the market by announcing that the People’s Bank of China had doubled its gold reserves in the past five years to 1054 tones….


Buying Silver Is Like Buying Gold At $554 Today

Buying Silver Is Like Buying Gold At $554 Today

I think that buying silver today is like buying gold for $554 an ounce. Let me explain: As I am writing, silver is currently trading at about 65.2% (32.6/50) of its 1980 high. If gold was trading at 65.2% of its 1980 high, it would be trading at $554 (0.652*850).